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  • SWISS OPEN 2017 and Kinetic Center

    We are happy to announce our collaboration with Kinetic Center during our SWISS OPEN which will be held on 2nd-3rd of September. All players can have therapy or massage sessions with Kinetic Center’s specialists. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!  

  • SWISS OPEN 2013 – day 2

    have a look on the results of day 1 concerning the men’s main draw + the women’s main draw which will start tomorrow!  

  • Eventi

    EVENTI 2017   30.04 Torneo FUN di inizio stagione 13.05 Lugano’s Cup 1 (ITF no prize money) 14.05 Lugano’s Cup 2 (ITF no prize money) 03-04.06 Lugano’s Cup 3 (ITF no prize money) 04.06 torneo OPEN (DM, DF, DMIX, JUNIOR) 05.06 Lugano’s Cup 4 (ITF no prize money) 24.06 Torneo OPEN (ANNULLATO) 25.06 Swiss Beach … Continue reading »